Coach Parker's Soccer Class Page
-accompanies Frostburg State PHEC 366, Theory of Soccer [Coaching]

Course Outline and Resources:

I. Introduction to the Course/A “Philosophy” of Coaching
- Syllabus for the course:  Syllabus as a pdf file
- Recommended books are available at and
- Article on how to write Mission Statements

II. Defining Success/Qualities of the Successful Coach
- Notes in Powerpoint:  lecturenotes_1.ppt
- Handout: Learning vs Winning from US Soccer

III. Creating a Positive Team Environment/Gender Differences
- Handout: Soccer Organization in the U.S.
- Notes in Powerpoint: lecturenotes_2.ppt
- FSU Faculty Policy on Reporting Violence

IV. Mental Toughness/ Sports Psychology/Ethics in Coaching
- Notes in Powerpoint: lecturenotes_3.ppt
- Handout: Cmpetitive Profile
- Handout: Mental Toughness
Handout: United Soccer Coaches Code of Ethics

V.  Care & Prevention of Injury/Soccer Fitness
- Handout: Soccer Fitness/Injury Treatment
- Handout: Fitness Tests from US Soccer
- Handout: FSU Women's Soccer Conditioning Program

VI. What is Soccer?/Organizing and Running a Practice Session
- Handout: Practice Planning Guide
- Handout: Blank Practice Planning Sheet
- Handout: Dimensions of Athletic Performance/Principles of Play

VII. Laws of the Game/Sample Soccer Issues/Evaluating your Team
- Handout: Laws of the Game (Blank Outline)
- Handout: Evaluating Your Team

VIII. Technical Session Outline Examples
- Session Outline: Dribbling
- Session Outline: Turning/Shielding
- Session Outline: Passing/Possession
- Session Outline: Shooting/Finishing
- Session Outline: Individual Defending

IX: Student Coaching Sessions
-Will Begin Tuesday, April 16th. The Session Schedule is HERE.  
Here's a blank session evaluation form that will be used to grade student sessions.

X: Individual Soccer Projects
- Soccer Scouting Report Final Project form is here as a pdf
- These are due no later than Tuesday, May 14th

Weekly Assignments/Announcements:

Soccer Class has concluded for the Semester!
Please drop off or email your Final Scouting Report Project by May 14th.  Grade will be posted in PAWS thereafter as soon as possible.

Congratulations to our Seniors!
Some Useful Soccer Sites:
Jeff Pill's Drills
United Soccer Coaches
USYSA Coaching
there are many many others!

Where to Watch Soccer on TV and On-Line:
 Live Soccer TV
NBC Live Extra

Brian Parker
FSU Women's Soccer Coach
Frostburg, MD 21532  USA
Office: 301-687-4356
bparker at

Past Weekly Assignments/Questions:
(always e-mail bparker at with "soccer class" in the subject BEFORE the start of class for credit)

For Thursday, 4/4:
Describe how the "freeze technique" and using a "model group" are useful as coaching methods.

For Tuesday 4/2:

Name 3 Laws of the Game that can be easily adjusted for youth players and explain how each helps in their development.

For Thursday 3/28:
Explain the term "progression" as it relates to planning and conducting a soccer practice.

For Thursday, 3/14:

What makes soccer such a popular sport?  Both globally in viewership of professional leagues but also for youth players throughout the world?

For Tuesday, 3/5:
Click the link below to take the CDC Concussion Training Course and Print your pdf Certificate of Completion to turn in OR email the pdf, or a screen shot of it, to Coach Parker. 
CDC Heads Up Concussion Training Course

For Thursday, 2/28:

Which 2 points in the United Soccer Coaches Code of Ethics are the most important in your view and Why?

For Tuesday 2/26:
Describe an example (or send a link) of unethical coaching behavior. 

For Thursday 2/21:

Write about or send a link to a good example of "Mental Toughness" in sports.

For Tuesday  2/19:

What are some of the differences between male and female athletes and therefore coaching each?

For Thursday, 2/14:

Regarding the Four "Essential Coaching Skills“ discussed in class, in your view which is:
--the most important?
--the hardest to attain?
--the one you are best at today?  Explain...

For Thursday 2/7:

Find and e-mail a quote from a coach (or about coaching) related to any of our discussion topics so far in class - winning vs learning, coaching philosophy, values, player development, etc

For Tuesday 2/5:

Choose a level of youth soccer/team and write a mission statement as well as two seasonal goals for the team.

For Thursday 1/31:
Why coach?  (or Why do you want to coach?)
What are some of the goals of any coach?
Relate your experiences as an athlete in your response