Coach Parker's Soccer Class Page
-accompanies Frostburg State PHEC 366, Theory of Soccer [Coaching]

Course Outline and Resources:

I. Introduction to the Course/A “Philosophy” of Coaching
- Syllabus for the course:  Syllabus as a pdf file
- Recommended books are available at and
- Article on how to write Mission Statements

II. Defining Success/Qualities of the Successful Coach
- Notes in Powerpoint:  lecturenotes_1.ppt
- Handout: Learning vs Winning from US Soccer

III. Creating a Positive Team Environment/Gender Differences
- Handout: Soccer Organization in the U.S.
- Notes in Powerpoint: lecturenotes_2.ppt
- FSU Faculty Policy on Reporting Violence

IV. Mental Toughness/ Sports Psychology/Ethics in Coaching
- Notes in Powerpoint: lecturenotes_3.ppt
- Handout: Cmpetitive Profile
- Handout: Mental Toughness
Handout: United Soccer Coaches Code of Ethics

V.  Care & Prevention of Injury/Soccer Fitness
- Handout: Soccer Fitness/Injury Treatment
- Handout: Fitness Tests from US Soccer
- Handout: FSU Women's Soccer Conditioning Program

VI. What is Soccer?/Organizing and Running a Practice Session
- Handout: Practice Planning Guide
- Handout: Blank Practice Planning Sheet
- Handout: Dimensions of Athletic Performance/Principles of Play

VII. Laws of the Game/Sample Soccer Issues/Evaluating your Team
- Handout: Laws of the Game (Blank Outline)
- Handout: Evaluating Your Team

VIII. Technical Session Outline Examples
- Session Outline: Dribbling
- Session Outline: Turning/Shielding
- Session Outline: Passing/Possession
- Session Outline: Shooting/Finishing
- Session Outline: Individual Defending

IX: Student Coaching Sessions
-Will Begin Tuesday, April 16th. The Session Schedule is HERE.  
Here's a blank session evaluation form that will be used to grade student sessions.

X: Individual Soccer Projects
- Soccer Scouting Report Final Project form is here as a pdf
- These are due no later than Tuesday, May 14th

Weekly Assignments/Announcements:

Soccer Class has concluded for the semester.
Congratulations to our 2019 Graduates!

Some awesome soccer events this summer:

The Gold Cup - games as close as Philadelphia
Copa America - just Messi, Neymar and friends
FIFA Women's World Cup - France2019 - Go USA!
ICC - Arsenal in Maryland?

Some Useful Soccer Sites:
Jeff Pill's Drills
United Soccer Coaches
USYSA Coaching
there are many many others!

Where to Watch Soccer on TV and On-Line:
 Live Soccer TV
NBC Live Extra

Brian Parker
FSU Women's Soccer Coach
Frostburg, MD 21532  USA
Office: 301-687-4356
bparker at

Past Weekly Assignments/Questions:
(always e-mail bparker at with "soccer class" in the subject BEFORE the start of class for credit)

For Thursday, 4/4:
Describe how the "freeze technique" and using a "model group" are useful as coaching methods.

For Tuesday 4/2:

Name 3 Laws of the Game that can be easily adjusted for youth players and explain how each helps in their development.

For Thursday 3/28:
Explain the term "progression" as it relates to planning and conducting a soccer practice.

For Thursday, 3/14:

What makes soccer such a popular sport?  Both globally in viewership of professional leagues but also for youth players throughout the world?

For Tuesday, 3/5:
Click the link below to take the CDC Concussion Training Course and Print your pdf Certificate of Completion to turn in OR email the pdf, or a screen shot of it, to Coach Parker. 
CDC Heads Up Concussion Training Course

For Thursday, 2/28:

Which 2 points in the United Soccer Coaches Code of Ethics are the most important in your view and Why?

For Tuesday 2/26:
Describe an example (or send a link) of unethical coaching behavior. 

For Thursday 2/21:

Write about or send a link to a good example of "Mental Toughness" in sports.

For Tuesday  2/19:

What are some of the differences between male and female athletes and therefore coaching each?

For Thursday, 2/14:

Regarding the Four "Essential Coaching Skills“ discussed in class, in your view which is:
--the most important?
--the hardest to attain?
--the one you are best at today?  Explain...

For Thursday 2/7:

Find and e-mail a quote from a coach (or about coaching) related to any of our discussion topics so far in class - winning vs learning, coaching philosophy, values, player development, etc

For Tuesday 2/5:

Choose a level of youth soccer/team and write a mission statement as well as two seasonal goals for the team.

For Thursday 1/31:
Why coach?  (or Why do you want to coach?)
What are some of the goals of any coach?
Relate your experiences as an athlete in your response